Catalog Items

A Catalog Item is a dataset or service that can be enabled for display on the map or in a chart. The Type column in the table below indicates the "type" property to use in the Initialization File.

Name Type
ArcGIS FeatureServer esri-featureServer
ArcGIS MapServer esri-mapServer
Bing Maps bing-maps
Carto Map carto
Cesium 3D Tiles 3d-tiles
Cesium Ion Imagery ion-imagery
Cesium Language (CZML) czml
Cesium Terrain cesium-terrain
CKAN Resource ckan-resource
Composite composite
Comma-Separated Values (CSV) csv
Format Conversion Service (based on OGR) ogr
GeoJSON geojson
GeoRSS georss
GLTF gltf
GPX gpx
Keyhole Markup Language (KML) kml
MAGDA Distribution magda-distribution
Mapbox Map mapbox-map
Mapbox Vector Tile mvt
OpenStreetMap open-street-map
SDMX-JSON sdmx-json
Sensor Observation Service (SOS) sos
URL Template url-template
Web Feature Service (WFS) wfs
Web Map Service (WMS) wms
Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) wmts