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Web Map Service (WMS) (group)


This page is automatically generated from the source code, and is a bit rough. If you have trouble, check the source code for this type or post a message to the forum.

A CatalogGroup representing a collection of layers from a Web Map Service (WMS) server.

Initialization File properties:

"type": "wms-getCapabilities"


A hash of names of blacklisted data layers. A layer that appears in this hash will not be shown to the user. In this hash, the keys should be the Title of the layers to blacklist, and the values should be "true".


The cache duration to use for proxied URLs for this catalog member. If undefined, proxied URLs are effectively cachable forever. The duration is expressed as a Varnish-like duration string, such as '1d' (one day) or '10000s' (ten thousand seconds).


The dictionary of custom item properties.


A description of the custodian of the data sources in this group. This property is an HTML string that must be sanitized before display to the user.


The description of the item.


A value indicating whether the list of layers queried from GetCapabilities should be flattened into a list with no hierarchy.


Gets or sets whether or not this member should be forced to use a proxy. This property is not observable.


Indicates that the source of this data should be hidden from the UI (obviously this isn't super-secure as you can just look at the network requests).


An optional unique id for this member, that is stable across renames and moves. Use uniqueId to get the canonical unique id for this CatalogMember, which is present even if there is no id.


A message object that is presented to the user when an item or group is initially clicked The object is of the form {title:string, content:string, key: string, confirmation: boolean, confirmText: string, width: number, height: number}.


A value indicating whether this item is hidden from the catalog. This property is observable.


A value indicating whether the group is currently expanded and showing its children.


A value indicating whether this item is kept above other non-promoted items.


A value indicating whether this member was supplied by the user rather than loaded from one of the Terria's initSources. User-supplied members must be serialized completely when, for example, serializing enabled members for sharing.


Whether this catalog member is waiting for a disclaimer to be accepted before showing itself.


A hash of properties that will be set on each child item. For example, { 'treat404AsError': false }


The name of the item.


The name of this catalog member in the catalog. By default this is just name, but can be overridden.


The additional parameters to pass to the WMS server when requesting images. All parameter names must be entered in lowercase in order to be consistent with references in TerrisJS code. If this property is undefiend, WebMapServiceCatalogItem.defaultParameters is used.


A short report to show on the now viewing tab.


The field name to use as the primary title in the catalog view: each WMS layer's "title" (default), "name", or "abstract".


The URL of the WMS server.